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Who Spoke to Job, God the Father or the Son?

Was it God the Father or the Son who spoke to Job out of the whirlwind? Let’s take a look at this subject, ‘line upon line’ and ‘precept upon precept’ — The Bible says, “And the Lord spake unto Moses FACE TO FACE, as a man speaketh unto his friend.” (Exodus 33:11) “Then went up […]

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Mark of the Beast

IN A NUTSHELL The mark of the best is far more uplifting than the mark of the beast. If you’re an evangelical you may be wondering why SDAs interpret the mark of the beast to mean enforced Sunday worship in the end times. With Ben Carson’s run for the Presidency, you’re going to see a […]

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Moral vs Sacrificial Law

Did the 10 Commandments change because the Messiah came? Digging Deeper Some Christians sincerely believe that the Ten Commandments were changed after the cross. Still others believe the whole law, including the Sabbath, came to an end with Jesus’ death. The truth is found in the context of the whole Bible. Bible Fact: Whoever is […]

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Protestantism in America and Two Marks

Professor Betz from the University of Chicago made a survey of modern Protestantism and he came up with these statistics and facts. He said, “Nine out of ten ministers disbelieve the second coming of Christ as the Bible teaches it.” The Bible and the Bible Only The platform of Protestantism is the Bible and the […]

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The Ten Commandments vs the Ceremonial Law

The Bible speaks of two great Laws. Law Number 1 is the Law of God (“the Ten Commandments,” or “Two tablets of the Testimony,”) also known as the “Moral Law,” the “Law of Love” and the “Decalogue.” Law Number 2 is the “Law of Moses” (the “Book of the Law,” or “Book of the Covenant,”) […]

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